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Some women who are aging and already in their 50s continue to boldly wear skirts above the knee, do youth haircuts, follow fashion, and continue to be confident.

Their figure is perhaps far from ideal, the skin is not in the best condition, but they are comfortable at their age.

They are proud of it and therefore age beautifully. The secret of a real woman is to be attractive at any age.

Some psychologists are already sounding the alarm about the fact that many women after 40-50 years go into the shadows, devoting themselves to children, husbands, and households.

In this, they are strikingly different from the inhabitants of some countries of Western Europe, for example, French women.

They often, not only after 50 but also after 70, continue to live a full life – they have fun, travel, visit fashionable beauty salons and take care of themselves.

This is called “noble aging”.


In psychological practice, noble aging is the special attitude of women of the older age category to life and to themselves.

Their life is full of pleasures, which significantly prolongs the female age.

These women lead a habitual way of life until a very old age. But even with obvious signs of wilting, their souls still remain young.

So what contributes to the noble aging of women?


An active lifestyle

You need to lead it all your life and not give it up after the next age milestone.

Truly active women ride rollerblades or bicycles, go hiking, climb mountains until old age.

And this is not so much a sport as a way of life.

Even going to the resort, active women find something to do there, instead of lying on the beach for the whole vacation.

They go on excursions, learn horseback riding, and dive. But this should be done exclusively at the behest of the soul.

Having a sense of humor

Your age and the inevitably approaching aging are not a reason for melancholy, this can also be treated with humor and with healthy sarcasm. 

Remember the well-known Russian proverb concerning the “berry” age.

 And remember that at 40, life is just beginning, and at 50, the old passion begins to revive.


Attentive attitude to food

Exhausting yourself with numerous diets is not worth it, but eating right is a must. 

You can eat anything, but at the same time count the calories. Frequent meals in small portions are ideal. 

Plus, you need to pay attention to what exactly you eat. 

You may not achieve the former harmony, but between your weight in 20 and 40 years, there is guaranteed not a big gap.


Healthy selfishness

Healthy selfishness is something that should be inherent in every woman, especially one who has already raised children and now can devote all her time to herself, buy more expensive clothes, go to the theater, travel, go to a fashionable resort.

There is no need to devote your life to your grandchildren in the same way as you once devoted it to your children. This is contrary to a noble aging.

The grandmother should be perceived by the grandchildren only as a guest, who is always welcome and your every visit to them should be joyful for everyone.


Quality items

Perhaps with age, your wardrobe will have an order of magnitude fewer clothes, but all of them will be branded and only of high quality.

The same applies to shoes, cosmetics, and accessories. All of this will allow you to create your own unique style.


Increased social activity

The children have grown up, and now there is no need to spend all the time at home.

The social role of a woman in adulthood is increasing.

Elegant women of the older age category are much more likely than 30-year-olds to attend the theater, opera, ballet, etc.

Therefore, they take a closer look at themselves, do not forget to update their wardrobe, do manicure, pedicure, and styling.


Age is not a disease

Despite the active development of the beauty industry in general and plastic surgery in particular, nobly aging elegant women are in no hurry to go under the surgeon’s knife.

They are calm about age-related changes in the skin, but at the same time, they try to delay their appearance in a natural way, using masks, peels, and other gentle methods of artificial rejuvenation.

The complete absence of wrinkles in adulthood looks unnatural.

Therefore, with noble aging, modern hardware cosmetology is much more effective than plastic surgery.


Down with stamps

This applies to clothing. 

And after 40, and after 50 years, you can safely wear the clothes that suit you, without adhering to particular age limits of decency. 

If your figure permits, then a skirt above the knee and tight jeans will be acceptable.

 But it is better, nevertheless, to give preference to the classic style, which, regardless of age, will add elegance and feminine coquetry to you.


Age is not a hindrance to sex

It’s no secret that the peak of sexual activity in many women comes after menopause.

After all, they have no chance of getting pregnant, and therefore in bed, they can completely relax and have fun.

Regular sex after age 50 increases a woman’s self-esteem, mood, and activity level. However, this period can be quite dangerous.

A new hobby of a woman who is experiencing a “second youth” can lead to divorce.


With age, everything is possible, but in small bites

It’s about bad habits. 

We all know that smoking negatively affects the condition of our skin, and only a few know the stress experienced by experienced smokers, completely abandoning this bad habit. 

Therefore, it is quite enough to allow yourself to smoke one cigarette after breakfast and do it with pleasure, rather than constantly thinking about how you want to smoke now. 

And this applies to everything – food, sex, travel, pleasure.


And, summing up the above, we can safely say that the woman who will find the courage to say, I am 50, and I am proud of my age because in this life I have achieved a lot and continue to achieve, can claim noble aging. She will be elegant, attractive, and desirable until her very old age.



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