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  /  Relationships   /  An effective way to prevent cheating

We all dream of a happy, cloudless life. But life brings us a lot of unpleasant surprises. One of the deepest shocks is when we find out our loved one is cheating on us.

A common belief among modern girls: “Every man cheats”, and “My husband will cheat on me. ” To the psychoanalyst’s question: “How do you react to this?”. The answer: “I will forgive if this is a fleeting, short-lived relationship.” Cheating is perceived by these persons as an obligatory component of a relationship that does not require worries and emotions.

However, it is important to understand that thinking about possible betrayal and actually experiencing this fact have significant differences.

It is important to understand why such cases occur, to understand the reasons for cheating.


Reasons for cheating

There are grounds for affirming that our thoughts tend to materialize. All our inner experiences, emotions need to be reflected in the external world. If we are initially sure that our partner will cheat, we unconsciously attract people who are prone to such acts. It is worth understanding this situation in more detail.

It is impossible to change the outer life without understanding what is happening inside us. I propose a productive method to exclude the attraction of partners who are initially ready to cheat. This method is not complicated and highly effective. But not everyone can use it.


Cheating on yourself

You cannot apply an effective technique if there is a source of treason inside you. This is not a physical betrayal of a loved one, not a betrayal of someone in this real world. This is cheating on yourself.

Real people will cheat on you while you cheat on yourself. This is the main reason. A well-founded question arises as to how you can get rid of this negative quality.

You will need to understand what exactly you are cheating on yourself, what reasons cause such failures, what can cause a need, a desire to change your principles, beliefs, and act contrary to your nature.


Try this technique

Practice shows that such research is effective if thoughts are written down on paper. Visual perception significantly increases the productivity of the analysis. Therefore, stock up on a piece of paper, a pen, and start writing.

First, describe the cases of betrayal of partners that you had to face in life. Use verbs to describe what the person did, what they did to you.

The next step is to describe the moments when you cheated on yourself.

Now start analyzing your own behavior in everyday life. Try to identify situations that make you cheat on yourself.

If you can figure out how to prevent such cases, you will get hold of the secret of avoiding cheating. You will have a real opportunity to make changes in your life. You no longer need to think about why troubles and problems are falling on your head. Only you can decide whether to leave the previous situation or form a new model of behavior in which there is no place for cheating yourself.


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