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  /  Anxiety   /  How to deal with panic attack

Panic attack (PA), its causes: if you are faced with such a problem as a panic attack, then this means that you have either prolonged stress or unresolved intrapersonal conflict, which I recommend working with a psychologist.

PA is a physiological fear that came to you at the wrong time. We tend to be afraid of being attached to a situation. And here suddenly PA, that is, in fact, a vegetative crisis out of the blue. In fact, you called it for something. This can be disassembled for consultation.


How to deal with PA

If PA hits you, here are some ways to deal with it.

  1. Fix your attention on breathing: take a deep breath and exhale very slowly and evenly, make sure that the exhalation flow is slow and even. At this point, your muscles will relax. The mind clears up and you calm down.
  2. Muscle Relaxation: Tense and relax a muscle group. For example: clenching and unclenching your hands. And fix your attention on this.
  3. Visualization: Remember some wonderful moments where you felt good and put yourself in this picture, feel smells, sounds, that is, take your attention away from disturbing thoughts and fears.


What can not be done with PA

  1. Do not run out of the room, plane, bus, meeting, since you run away once you develop a reflex, and as a result, a panic attack will find you everywhere. Stay where it appeared.
  2. Don’t call an ambulance. Since then you will call it endlessly since you also develop a conditioned reflex.
  3. Do not give up your plans or meetings because of a panic attack, on the contrary, plan your day as much as possible and implement your plans.
  4. Some advice that you need to snap, prick, cheer yourself up. This does not work.
  5. Do not take any medications, sedatives, etc. This could build an addiciton.

Always remember that PA is a completely harmless attack and no one has ever died from it. No terrible diseases develop from PA.


Prevention of PA

A ventilated house with open windows can help with PA. You can also go for a walk, fresh air will help you. Spend your adrenaline, which builds up throughout the day, practice some sports, communicate with people, lead an active lifestyle.

Be sure to work out with a psychologist and resolve the intrapersonal conflict.

Remember that you yourself called the PA, and since you called it, then do not run away from it, it is better to stay in it, strengthen it, allow it to capture itself, let it capture, through such practice it will release you 2-3 times. The body and psyche will understand that nothing fatal has happened to you, and this will exhaust itself. This is in my opinion the most effective method. Stay and strengthen. I am waiting for you for consultations.


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