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  /  Emotions   /  How to express emotions correctly

What ways of expressing emotions do you know? 

We express different emotions through different actions. 

It is important to be able to properly experience your emotions. 

All emotions are absolutely equal and have the right to their equal self-expression.


If we are upset, we cry and can voice to someone that we are upset.

When we are having fun, we rejoice, smile, laugh.

However, when we get angry, then how to express this emotion correctly?


Let’s take a closer look here.

What is acceptable for you to express this emotion? Besides yelling (verbal aggression) and talking constructively.

Agree that fighting through a fight is not an acceptable and unjustified way to express your anger.


Some people need to express their aggression physically.

We have organs and tissues specifically designed to express physical aggression.

Teeth (we can bite), nails (we can scratch), we have fists and feet (we can knock and kick).


If we allow ourselves to physically show aggression, then we release the channels from aggressive energy.

That all processes flow freely and thus we prevent caries, brittle nails, pain in the joints of the hands, shoulders (when a person swings).

When is acceptable to do this

You can use sports and socially acceptable methods to free yourself from aggression, excitement, and all the modalities of anger.

How else can you do this, for example, at home:

wrestling with pillows, throwing soft toys, etc.

Pay attention to the ways of expressing physical energy to those people who have problems with teeth, nails, joints in

the hands, especially in the right shoulder in right-handers, feet.


If we forbid ourselves to scream, there can be a loss of voice: laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis.

When a person’s ability to speak normally is impaired, it hurts him to speak.

There may be inflammatory diseases in the mouth when a person is unpleasant to talk about something.


There is also a substantive way of expressing aggression, when we are angry, we can ruin something, for example,

tear a paper, a rag, break a pencil, etc. This is okay if the object is not valuable to you.

You can do this with effort, or you can some kind of snag kick.

You can have a pear and gloves at home and at some point prevent joint diseases and this is permissible.


There are two more types of expression of aggression:

Non-constructive or destructive, when a person pretends that nothing happened and is not talking to anyone;

Auto-aggression is the most common way of expressing aggression in our society – this is when aggression is directed at oneself. 

This leads to headaches, increased blood pressure, increased tumor processes, autoimmune diseases (when the body

self-destructs) as well as diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.


That is, you do not need to use a destructive way of expressing emotions, you need to use a constructive one: verbal

(we speak in words about our aggression: for example, I am angry), substantive: break, spoil objects, but it is

important to understand that you are responsible for this, therefore choose something suitable, and choose the act of

physical stress relief, but this should also be agreed with who you want to organize it with, let it be a comic game of

“pillow fight”.


How do you express sadness?

 Do you cry? And how often do you cry? And is it okay for you to cry?

Girls, the most effective way to express sadness is to cry. If you can’t cry, what can you do?

There are biochemical ways of this process. When we are in a state of sadness, substances are synthesized in our

body: prolactin and melatonin.


Melatonin is synthesized into serotonin (the hormone of joy).

In order to improve the ability to cry, you need to observe simple things: turn off the light, lie down in silence, curl

up and start moaning and moaning like little children.

In this state, the production of melatonin begins, when melatonin accumulates, it becomes easier to cry.


Crying is our natural ability to express sadness.

If you pinch and you have a ban on crying, then diseases associated with the nose appear, these are rhinitis, sinusitis

, and diseases associated with the eyes: conjunctivitis, blepharitis. Read sad books and watch movies that will make

you cry.


How to Express Joy?

What happens to people who forbid themselves to rejoice?

There is a lung disease, up to tuberculosis – this is when there is a fear of being inappropriate and not understood,

the fear of rejection.

In this case, you need to learn to receive joy from little things.

Not from bright events, but from simple things, from fresh air, from water, from snow, soft sun.

Look for small bodily pleasures from touching a flower, snow, sand under your feet, etc.

Through bodily contact, we seek contact with reality.

It will not be a wild joy with clapping hands, but a quiet joy about being, about the fact that we live and this is



How to Express Love? 

Kiss and hug to talk about it.

It happens that people do not know how to express love.

In our society, the ability to express love is tied to food.

Therefore, you need to learn to speak, give special signs of attention, develop tactile contact.


How to Express Resentment? 

Resentment consists of fear, aggression, self-pity, and a desire to get what you want or a desire to take revenge on

someone who has not realized the desire.

In order to express resentment, it is not enough just to cry, get angry, it is important to feel sorry for yourself and

express your desire, you may need compensation from the offender.


You need to recognize what is in your resentment more: anger, fear, sadness, desire to take revenge, or get something.

If the abuser harmed you, you can ask him to compensate for the offense with some action, for example, some act, an

apology, money, or something from which you get satisfaction.


How to deal with envy? 

Enjoy it. White envy is what you want the same way, and black envy you want the other not to have something.

You need to translate black envy into white, see what you want, and achieve it.

Let envy be your indicator that you are a living person and want to have this too or live like that.

Look for ways to get it.



Each disease is associated with specific emotions.

If we do not express our emotions correctly, if we suppress feelings within ourselves, then they are expressed biochemically through diseases.

Track aggression and anger in yourself and play comic pillow games with your family or nibble, pinch, tickle each other as a joke, throw out your norepinephrine in time.

Learn to track and manage emotions correctly.


Let it be the same ritual as sitting down for lunch, ask yourself: if I was angry, did I work out my norepinephrine? 

How long have I cried when I wanted to? 

Did I say tender words to my beloved, when there was an urge, and I stopped myself?

It is in your best interest to manage your emotions and feelings. Create your own reality.


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