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  /  Parenthood   /  How to pass the mental barriers to get pregnant

When a woman says: “I want to get pregnant,” does she fully realize why the word “I want” is present here? And why is the result of long efforts the conclusion “I can not get pregnant”? A person may not fully realize the reason they want to do something. And in the matter of conception, this is not a different factor.

It happens that a woman needs to get pregnant not because of a sincere desire to have a child. Thus, she may want to tie a man to her. Or it is necessary to increase one’s own importance, significance. Or just to change your life, to create the impression of being busy.

Admit it to yourself, what do you really want? With insight, you can make a difference. It makes sense to work out with a psychologist the hidden secondary benefits of not getting pregnant.


Psychological reasons

Why it is impossible to get pregnant, it may be the fear of the childbirth itself, the fear of losing attractiveness after childbirth, or the unconscious thought that a woman is not ready to raise and maintain a child.

Sometimes it happens that a woman does not perceive her partner as a potential father of a child. This also occurs on a psychological level, for example, if she has a grudge against her husband. A woman may not be aware of this, but her unconscious sends signals to the body “I do not want to get pregnant from this person.” Specialists, checking a woman for possible diseases and pathologies, do not find any abnormalities and diagnose “unexplained infertility”. What to do in this case? See a psychologist.

Most women do not even suspect that in addition to bodily ailments, there are also mental ones. But, be that as it may, it is also not worth getting hung up only on the psychological side of the problem and making hasty conclusions. Tell yourself: “I can!” and don’t stop moving towards your goal. You have every right to achieve what you want.

Sometimes, a woman is too fixated on the desire to get pregnant, she sacrifices her life and nature does not reciprocate her. There are cases when a woman “let go” of her desire and suddenly became pregnant. Take a break from heavy, obsessive thoughts, and try to just enjoy life, communicate with friends, spend more time with your beloved husband – and pregnancy will come by itself without any scheduling calculations.

Communicate more with those who support you and limit the influence and conversations of those who are negative. Communicate more with families with small children. And you will understand that many of your fears are unfounded.


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