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  /  Health   /  How to replenish your vitality when you lose it?

We are all familiar with the situation when, for no apparent reason, we are completely out of vitality. We feel a breakdown, we wake up in the morning completely exhausted. or when after work we feel like a squeezed lemon. In this case, we ourselves ask quite reasonable questions, where did our forces go?

In this article, we will discuss how to correctly distribute your vitality. It turns out that there is nothing difficult in the correct distribution of one’s vitality and energy. It is enough just to understand simple and rather obvious things. 

Understanding your energy

Perhaps this understanding will make you drastically change your life and achieve success. All in your hands. But back to where our vitality is. Most often, we waste it in the following situations:

  • When we live not our own, but someone else’s life.
  • Expect someone will change our lives. 
  • Constantly endure and don’t even think about what it’s all for.
  • Justify a relationship with people we dislike.
  • We are constantly stewing in negativity.
  • Spend our time and energy on gossip and condemnation of other people;
  • We are engaged in business to which the soul does not lie, day after day we go to hateful work;
  • Have a huge number of fears in which we live;
  • Constantly scold ourselves for failures, consider ourselves unworthy of a better life;
  • We are waiting for recognition and approval, but at the same time we blame someone if something does not go well with us and success does not come to us in any way;
  • Refuse professional help in the treatment of depression and have lived in this state for years;
  • Demand from others what we ourselves are not able to give;
  • We live in the past, do not make plans for the future.


How to replenish your vitality

So what should you do? How to replenish your strength? Below I will give a list of what fills us with vitality and energy, allowing us to “move mountains.” So, we gain strength when we:

  • Enjoy life.
  • Make acquaintances with new people who are interesting to us.
  • Fill our lives with new events.
  • Learn something new, discover a new occupation, learn a new profession.
  • Spend our free time on active rest and travel.
  • Overcome our fears.
  • Direct our lives, deeds, and actions.
  • Not pay attention to the opinion of others.
  • Don’t forget about our hobbies, we develop our creative abilities.
  • Give without demanding anything in return.
  • Don’t compare to others.
  • Try to be more sincere.
  • Develop intuition and trust it.
  • Don’t forget to say “thank you”.
  • Take care of the health and beauty of our bodies.
  • Stabilize our emotional sphere.
  • Try to think positively, looking for only positive moments in the life lessons taught to us.
  • We are honest with ourselves and others, saying yes if we want to say yes and no, if we want to say no.
  • We are doing what brings joy and peace.
  • Follow the call of our heart.
  • Live in the present;
  • We love and allow ourselves to be loved.

What tactics to choose is up to you. You should not be offended by fate and complain that you deserve a better life. You have wonderful tools in your hands that will allow you not only to change yourself for the better but also the whole world around you. But if you don’t want to use them, it’s up to you. You must control your own destiny and not expect mercy from it. Otherwise, the changes that may occur in your life will be so dramatic that you will not be ready for them. And then you will again scold fate and complain about your unfortunate lot.


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