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  /  Health   /  How to stay healthy when cold weather sets in?

It’s not so easy to be healthy when the cold comes and everyone around you suddenly gets sick. How can this be done? First of all, you need to listen to your body.

How to protect yourself from viruses?

Germs are ubiquitous, and theoretically, anyone can get infected from the air. However, we don’t always get sick if someone sneezes next to us. Why isn’t infection happening? The fact is that in order to get sick, three conditions must be met:

    1. The state and degree of aggressiveness of microbes.
    2. The state of your body at the moment they enter the bloodstream.
    3. Environmental conditions.

Of course, we cannot influence the number of viruses in the atmosphere: they are ubiquitous. But we can influence the environmental conditions and your health. As for the environment on the street, everything is simple: you need to dress for the weather, and during periods of epidemics you should not be outside for a long time. But we can easily regulate the atmosphere at home and at work. Also remember, a healthy body is hard to fall ill.

Influenza and colds viruses are killed in dry air. However, the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx in a too dry room also dries up, which can cause inconvenience. Therefore, it is better to keep the optimum humidity at home and at work within 30-60%. It is better to focus on your feelings: you should be comfortable.

Influenza and colds

The viruses of influenza and colds are very fond of high humidity and feel great at temperatures from 3 to -3 degrees. That is why it is not worth spending a lot of time in public places and transport if it rains or sleeps outside. Otherwise, infection is guaranteed.

Another aspect that we can influence to avoid infection is our body. Our immunity, its ability to cope with attacks of microbes directly depends on the state of health. Is your body getting enough vitamins and minerals? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you suffering from excessive physical and mental stress?

First of all, analyze whether your diet maintains a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, do you consume enough vitamins?

Our skin and mucous membranes have a protective function. The ability to prevent attacking viruses from entering the blood depends on their condition. Skin and mucous membranes may deteriorate for the following reasons:

    1. Stress. If you are constantly in tension, blood circulation deteriorates, the skin and mucous membranes do not receive sufficient nutrition and lose their protective properties.
    2. Spasms, constantly tense muscles also contribute to poor blood circulation.
    3. Long stay in a room without ventilation.

We try not to open windows in cold weather, so as not to get cold. But this must be done. Lack of oxygen causes a slowdown in metabolism.

And remember that changing weather is also stressful for the body.

How can you help yourself?
    1. For the period of temperature changes, a sharp change in weather, it is necessary to reduce the load, give yourself more rest.
    2. Take breaks during your workday.
    3. To be in good physical shape. Light gymnastics without overload improves metabolism, promotes better blood circulation in the body.
    4. Psychological comfort and attitude are important: if you feel that the autumn blues are approaching, then switch to a pleasant pastime in a cozy atmosphere. This will make the disease bypass you.
    5. Be responsible, don’t relax. Paradoxically, though also has a very strong effect on health. If you are responsible for something, you have many worries and interesting things to do, you yourself will not allow yourself to be sick.

Changing seasons and temperature drops are really dangerous factors that provoke colds. However, following the above recommendations, you can easily prevent illness and stay healthy!

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