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Shadow and shadow aspects

We can only love ourselves if we accept our shadow aspects. You might be wondering what “shadow” and “shadow aspects” mean. A shadow is an unconscious complex. It’s the suppressed, repressed, or alienated properties of the conscious part of the personality. The shadow represents what a person doesn’t accept about them.

For example, a person who considers themself kind has the shady qualities of rudeness or wickedness. And vice versa, a person who is tough in character remains in the Shadow with tenderness and sensitivity.

Not only bad emotions go into the shadows

Creativity, altruism, tenderness can go into the shadows. Emotions “thrown out” will seek their place in our life, because they contain huge psychic energy that requires an outlet.

All slips, slips, sudden forgetfulness, accidental leg fractures, and throat ailments before an important performance, unexpected plot twists, and so on – this is the Shadow. A fierce intolerance of some qualities in another is the Shadow. There is not a single person who does not have a Shadow.

And yet, we are not talking about feelings and emotions that we recognize for ourselves, but do not love, criticize or try to get rid of them. Not at all. This is about what we do not suspect in ourselves. The shadow cast by a person is always equal to that person.

This does not mean that the Shadow is necessarily realized, not at all. But sometimes it will wink and make faces, at least in dreams, at least in reservations, at least in inexplicable and unexpected actions. For example, someone who pledges never to get angry will subtly kill everyone in a dream and suffer from inexplicable somatic reactions of the body. In essence, we do not know ourselves, because we do not accept and don’t realize it. Those people who regularly go to consultations with a psychologist, in fact, get to know themselves and accept their “new” qualities.

This is a very interesting and educational process. Through the pain with which clients come, a new personality is born. And the most interesting thing is that therapy takes 9 months. After this period, a person acquires their holistic personality. And then comes the process of multifaceted development and management of your reality.

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