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  /  Self-improvement   /  The road to success can only be mastered by walking

The road less traveled is the one that leads to success in life.

Ask yourself how many people were able to withstand criticism and not give up their goals and dreams? 

Many women write to me in letters that they are beginning to change their lives. 

They went their own way: quit their usual job, went into business, took a leading position in a certain industry.


Not paying attention to the opinions of others, they took fate in hand and began to fight for their personal growth.

Once in sight, many had to feel that this can be quite scary.

And the main question for these successful women is how not to break down?

Especially oppressive are people who say unpleasant things to try to humiliate and minimize the importance of the individual.

If there are people like that around you, it is because they are reacting to your success.

You are being noticed and they show interest in what you’re doing.


Faced with your fear of being in plain sight, or that you are imperfect, incomprehensible to people.

You must understand that it has some basis under it.

When you choose a path that puts you in high places, there will be many people who will be annoyed by your courage and success.

Do not give up, gain strength and patience.

After all, this path was passed by people who eventually became great.

They were always under pressure from the outside, and if they stopped, then we would still live in a state of the primitive communal system.


People’s negativity means you’re doing something right

If you look deep into the centuries, you will be surprised that precisely those people whose names are now written down in textbooks were criticized mercilessly. 

They were persecuted, and if it was a scientist, they were expelled from all scientific societies, diligently humiliating their human dignity. 

It is these people who move civilization forward, discovering new knowledge. 

It may seem strange, but the nature of people is such that they are ready to concentrate mainly on the negative. 

Those who actively show their aggression literally thrive on negative emotions. They love to profit from the negative, while they manage to closely follow your successes.

At the forefront they will run to buy, but not for the sake of pleasure, but in order to pour out their bile, to hate fiercely.

It may seem to a normal person that there is something strange about this.

However, thank God that this type of person is a minority.  I would like to sympathize with such a person.

They will diligently look for your flaws, look for a “skeleton in the closet“, expect any mistake. And even a little is enough for them to start the persecution.

For such people, the most “tasty” target is nationality, pronunciation, appearance, spelling, or even photoshop.

You must always remember that you have your own strength.


You don’t have to be perfect

It lies in the fact that no one can be perfect, perfect – not a single person on the planet.

The most important thing that gives victory over such haters is a sincere love for their work, serving an independently chosen goal.

A person who finds fault with trifles ends up rolling himself on the asphalt. They drive themselves under the plinth just because they put the stress in the wrong way.

At the same time, people who have benefited from your work experience a feeling of gratitude, positive emotions, but they may not express them aloud or simply write words of gratitude.


In this situation, I recommend that you be grateful to those who unfairly treat your work and criticize it.

If such negative information clings to you, you return to it constantly, try not to miss anything. This suggests that this signal is necessary for you.

You will be surprised, but this signal did not appear by chance. This only sharpens your attention on what you have already begun to doubt.

You think about your talent, sincerity, you are gnawed by doubts about the correctness of the choice of your path. If you began to listen very carefully to criticism, which touches you very deeply, that you cannot come to your senses after that. This means that you feel that in your creativity, work, a period has come when you need to revise everything in order to grow further spiritually and personally.


Rise from it on your road to success

So it’s time to ask yourself how you perceive your work, how do you feel about it? If you find the answer immediately, then all extraneous conversations should no longer bother you.

When your answer is sincere and without a shadow of a doubt that you are right, then you are doing everything right and going in the right direction.

And frankly giving yourself an answer, each fresh, inadequate criticism should return you to this moment, so that you are convinced again and again of your intention to move on, and at the same time, again ask yourself about your creativity, work, business, about the right to borrow this place.


Wish yourself courage, know how to trust yourself. 

A world without people like you will disappear who will promote it and prevent civilization from perishing. 

The dream that owns you and you are ready to share it with the whole world can be different – about an unusual book, baking art, teaching work, about the free introduction of innovative technologies, in general, everything that will bring light and prosperity is very much needed by people. 

I wish you success and repeat to yourself more often that the road will be mastered by the one walking.


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