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The role of a man in a woman's life in terms of love

Our life is an amazing school, and love is its main discipline. It is through a man that important and meaningful life lessons come to a woman, the purpose of which is self-acceptance. You can give love only if you have it. That is why your man is a mirror! It reflects everything that is within yourself.

The most common situations

There is a jealous person next to you.

This means that you should redirect your own sexual energy into a productive channel. For example creative realization. A jealous man simply does not appear in a woman’s life with a worked out question of sexuality.

There is a tyrant next to you.

The time has come for you to learn to listen to yourself. Men-tyrants appear in the lives of those women who take the position of a victim. Additionally, they have a vague idea of ​​their own boundaries and do not know how to protect their “self”.

Next to you is a man with addiction (gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

What can such a man teach you? Usually, a woman, in this case, chooses one of two options for behavior. Or she constantly shames and blames a man; completely killing his masculinity and taking the position of a mother in a relationship with him. Or is in a state of “poor thing” who suffers, suffers, but cannot change anything in life. She is simply not lucky in relationships. Most often, a man with an addiction appears next to a woman who does not support her feminine nature and even, on the contrary, kills her. Thus, he teaches her growing up, respect and love for herself, the ability to take responsibility.

Next to you is a mama’s son.

This means that you are one of those girls who absolutely do not know how to give the reins of government into the hands of the stronger sex. You decide everything yourself, you know how it should be, better than others, and at the same time strive to change people for yourself. By the way, yes, now you will definitely deny all this.

Next to you is a man-breadwinner with promises.

who speaks beautifully, promises a lot, and enchanting, but does little. Such a man teaches a woman, first of all, to value herself.


What kind of man is worthy?

Once from the lips of a woman I heard a phrase that sounded like this: “I am ready to invest in relationships and try, but only exclusively for the sake of a worthy man!”

If you recognize yourself in such an approach, then think about what is hidden behind this phrase – “a worthy man“?

Perhaps now it will surprise you, BUT: the man who is next to you is a man, Worthy of YOU. And the phrase “I will try only for a worthy man” belittles your own importance. After all, a priori you do whatever you think is necessary, not for the sake of someone, but for your beloved!

A man is mirroring all your personal inner problems outward, so often ask yourself a simple but important question, “What do I need to take out of this relationship for myself?”, And, perhaps, you will give many interesting and unexpected answers to him!

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