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  /  Health   /  Why do some get sick while others do not?
Why do some get sick while others do not?

Let’s look first at the biochemistry of those people who get sick or get sick during epidemics. Reasons: a lot of adrenaline (fear, anxiety, excitement); norepinephrine (irritation, aggression); melatonin (self-pity, sadness, grief, grief); histamines (disgust and rejection).

However, let’s look at the body chemistry in healthy people who will not get sick, even during epidemics. They have a lot of serotonin (light, movement, tryptophan), dopamine (food, sex),  endorphins (intimacy, love, bodily pleasures), and a lot of oxytocin (love, affection).

In order to increase the synthesis of serotonin, you should provide your body with a sufficient amount of the natural amino acid tryptophan. For instance, you can try working out at least three times a week. A decrease in tryptophan concentration leads to a proportional decrease in the synthesis of serotonin in the brain, and this can affect mood, impair memory, and increase aggression.

You cannot get pure serotonin, but tryptophan is available in food form. Eating food rich in tryptophan helps restore normal levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. As a consequence, it can help regulate many unwanted behavioral responses: hot temper, emotional lability, anxiety, stress, and aggressiveness.

List of products with tryptophan content (in mg per 100 g): red caviar 960, black caviar 910, turkey and chicken 330, peanuts 750, almonds 630, cashews 600, soybeans 600, processed cheese 500, horse mackerel 300, pine nuts 420.

Start your morning by cheering yourself up. Control your reality and life from the inside. We cannot change anyone, but we can change ourselves and our attitude towards us. You must be happy.


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