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  /  Emotions   /  Why not trust all people?

Trust is something that two people can build together when they decide to trust each other. Unfortunately, no one is immune from a trick from someone, which usually happens at the most inopportune moment. Many of us are familiar with the situation when the person to whom you treated with all your heart turns their back on you. Betrayal is even more terrible. 

In order to understand why this is happening, let us turn to folk wisdom. The parable below will answer the question of why our good attitude towards people does not guarantee the same attitude towards us. 


A tear-stained woman knocked at the old sage to ask for advice. She told him the following story from her life: “From childhood, I was taught to treat people the way I would like them to treat me. I took this principle with me into adulthood. I have never lied and communicated with everyone openly. I’ve lived with an open soul. I help people as much as I can, without expecting anything in return. I trusted people, and in return, I received ingratitude, betrayal, and evil. I’m in great pain; I no longer have the strength to do good and help people. How can I live now and what to do with it?” 
In response to this, the sage asked the woman: “Can you walk naked down the street?” She, of course, refused: “Of course not! It’s indecent to walk the streets naked! I can be considered insane, beaten, or raped! ” And then the sage answered her: “Then why do you think that living with a naked soul is permissible? If walking down the street naked is indecent, you let everyone into your soul, indiscriminately, and then you are surprised that they shit into your soul.”
After that, the sage showed the woman a large mirror that stood in his room and said: “Your soul is like this mirror, in which we see ourselves in other people. People with bad intentions see only the same evil intentions in the mirror of your soul and nothing else. After all, they will never have enough fortitude to admit to themselves that you are superior to them in something and they cannot change themselves. Only a few have the courage to admit that this reflection is their own. “

After these words, the woman finally despaired and asked the sage: “So what should I do? I can’t change the whole world. ” And then the elder took her to the garden and pointed to the bird sitting on the tree: “Look at this bird that lives in my garden. I have been feeding her for many years, but she only recently began to trust me and peck from my hand. Before that, she took food only after I left and, having eaten, immediately flew to the tree. Do you too, like this bird. Let in your soul only those people who deserve it. Open it only after you are sure you can trust them. From all other people, fly away like a bird. Remember that in your soul they can only see the reflection of themselves!”

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