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Why should you leave on time

In order to live in harmony with ourselves, we need to leave on time. This should become your rule of thumb. You need to go home on time even if it was a lot of fun at a party, even if there is only a cold bed waiting for you. You need to leave unnecessary connections, uninteresting people, dark thoughts, bad memories, bad habits, depression.

It’s necessary to interrupt in one fell swoop and finally get away from an outdated relationship. This can give yourself and your now-former partner a chance to finally find someone to be happy with. In this matter, one shouldn’t be selfish. Don’t take away the chance of finding your own happiness. Or someone else’s happiness. The fact is that each person stays at their own decision.

Personal decision

Everyone walks through life in their own rhythm and get an invaluable personal experience. And if by chance, you meet someone, but don’t feel the expected comfort, you just have to thank your partner for the experience and leave in time; tightly closing the door behind you. Otherwise, a certain “mechanism” will be set in motion, which will create such circumstances when you definitely have to leave but at an extremely inappropriate time. And it can hurt you or cause condemnation in society. Don’t try to save and preserve everything. And, of course, you shouldn’t endure it. It will devastate you

Time is everything

Timely care is a guarantee that there will be no scars on your soul; that nasty feeling of guilt will not settle in your soul, which will make you a stranger to yourself and paint your life in dark colors. Leave your life and soul without deep scars and take care of the souls of the people around you.

You need to value your life above everything else. And if you notice that someone is weighing you down, then leave them immediately. You are responsible, first of all, for your life, and then – for someone else. You didn’t come into this life to be sacrificed. Life is given to you in order to live, love, and be loved. It is quite possible to put these feelings on the sacrificial altar while preserving your “self” and your own life.

Regain your life

Many of us know how easy it is to lose yourself in this life and how difficult it will be to regain yourself later. You can also simply dissolve in the life of someone else; in their world and their reality. It will be much more difficult to get out of there. Therefore, only we can decide for ourselves how much we allow ourselves to be used by loved ones. How willing we are to sacrifice our own “self” to please them. But before that, it is worth asking if they need this sacrifice. Because if you sacrifice for the sake of someone’s interests, without giving attention to yourself, you risk wasting your life forces and when you need them, they may simply not be enough.


Partnerships are fruitful only if they are based on exchange, feedback, and interaction. They can be compared to a pair dance, which stops when there is an imbalance between partners. When the wounds from the wounded and blood-rubbed feet are healed, the dance can be repeated with another partner. And this applies not only to love relationships, but also to friendships, and working, and partnerships. You need to learn to leave on time. You can trust your intuition to find out the best time to do this. There is no need to persuade yourself to stay or deceive yourself and other people.

It’s hard to believe, but there are no bad people. There are people who are similar to us, and there are those who are different from us. This is how our life is arranged, much in it happens beyond our understanding. This is the sacred meaning and true intention of our creator. Everything that happens on Earth, the Lord God does with our hands. But we are responsible for this to each other, as well as to ourselves.


Our life’s destiny

Everything that happens in our life is allowed not only by God but also by ourselves. After all, we write the scenario of our destiny ourselves, without involving other people. They play only an episodic role in our life. And only we create our destiny the way we would like. And, accordingly, everything that happens in our life happens with our permission. We bring change into our lives and paint it in bright or gray shades. We allow ourselves to be leaders or outsiders. We make any choice ourselves.

You can always get away from all this, from a failed life, as soon as you feel that this moment has come. It is, of course, very difficult to give up everything that has been developed over the years. But it has already outlived itself and there is only one way out – to leave. Moreover, you need to leave on time, as soon as you are mentally mature for this.


Leave on time

You need to leave on time and from other people’s opinions and judgments. You should only listen to yourself. The fulcrum is not in other people, it is only in you. Therefore, there is no point in looking for it anywhere else. She will allow you to turn the world around and find happiness at last. But only on the condition that you can get away from the fears and illusions in which you are mired in time. Leaving, you need to continue dreaming, strive forward, and try. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. A negative experience is also an experience. It can be counted as another attempt. You should also not be afraid of other people’s reactions. After all, you always have a chance to leave as soon as this situation becomes uncomfortable for you.

And, most importantly, in a situation where we are missing something, we never think about what fate has saved us from, not giving us what we regret. Surprisingly, everything comes into our life in due time, including miracles. That is why you need to leave on time in order not to detain anyone in your life. Otherwise, the scenario of your destiny may be rewritten in a different way and the miracle that you are waiting for will never happen.



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